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Become A Certified Trauma Facilitator & Help Others Around the World


Receive expert training from our network of practitioners. Conduct one 90 minute session weekly for 6 weeks. There is support for people who help people. To make this endeavor sustainable, Facilitators are compensated.

How Facilitation Works


 Sign up and complete the questionnaire


Upon acceptence into the program complete the training


Begin you first sharing group, and help in healing and connection

Becoming a facilitator can help change the world

 People all over the world are coping with cascading crises involving climate, medical, economic and racial catastrophes. The most effective technologies we have as human beings are collaboration, tolerance, sharing and mutual support. Indra’s Net Coalition seeks to bring people who have experienced in small groups to share experience and support one another. By becoming a facilitator you have the ability to help others heal from similar trauma to that which you’ve experienced, and build a community in support of a better world.

“I was impressed the first week with how much trust and vulnerability everyone showed up with, and that has continued to develop. Last week one of our members shared something they hadn’t told anyone but their spouse, and the group responded with sincere tenderness and care. The session ended with everyone speaking a few words about each other, and it was very special.

I am grateful for the opportunity to do this.”

-Heather, Sharing Group Facilitator


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