Facilitator Contract

The Sharing Group
Confidential Information


We warmly welcome you as a Facilitator for our Sharing Group. You will be working as a dyad with another Facilitator, either of your choosing, or chosen by our team. You may either volunteer your services or be paid for them as per our format. With either choice, you will need to review and sign this contract.

To begin a Sharing Group, you need to have at least 6 participants, at most 10, best is 8. Each facilitator needs to strive for enrolling half or so of the Participants.

If you choose to be compensated, you will receive $50 for each Participant you actually enroll. You will be compensated $100 each for each group session, the protocol being 6 sessions as much as that is possible to achieve. Billing will be submitted to Indra’s Net at the conclusion of the group along with the forms you have collected from Participants, your own evaluation forms and a list of the Participants including their attendance at each group–first names only please.

We are providing training materials and videos to help guide you into the Sharing Group process. Our Consultation Committee is here to help you with your concerns, questions, and procedural issues that may arise. We welcome your input towards making the Sharing Group protocol and experience truly beneficial to both you as Facilitators and your present and future Participants.

You may request leading another Sharing Group–after the conclusion of your initial group.

It is essential that you follow the format for the Sharing Group and in signing this contract you are giving your full agreement to do so. We expect the Sharing Group format to evolve with our and your experience and there may well be alterations to its structure and format. We will inform you of updates as they occur. We ask that you not initiate changes to the format until we have made such alterations. This is an active collaborative process with many parts to it and your cooperation is essential to the success and expansion of the Sharing Group.

It is very important you join the Indra’s Net Group on Slack where we organize teams. Please watch for this invitation in your email inbox.

Thank you!

  • I have read The Sharing Group format, and I fully agree to abide by its terms. By signing below, you are affirming your agreement.

    I certify to the best of my knowledge that all information provided is true and correct.

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