Sharing group sessions are made possible through the support of collaborative, emphathetic and skilled peer facilitators.

We welcome those that feel the stress of our current climate and want to be of help in a way that is purposeful and directly supports the well-being of others in their community.

A mental health license is not required to participate, though many of the INC facilitators are engaged in helping professions. Thorough vetting, training and ongoing collaboration is required for all facilitators that apply and approved by the Indra’s Net Coalition advisory committee. A small stipend is extended to facilitators that are actively engaged in a running group.

Sharing Groups Are Led By Trained Group Facilitators Who Share Common Life Experiences With The Participants

May is busy writing about her personal experience as a facilitator and will post her thoughts soon.


IndrasNet is a beautiful space to share and witness the sharing of intimate stories, and from that form deep connections with one another. Through the vulnerability of sharing it becomes clear that despite a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds we all experience similar challenges in life, which helps us feel more connected to the world and ease our collective suffering. I’m honoured to be a part of it.


As another sharing group ends, I am appreciating how Indra’s Net’s sharing group structure supports a container for participants to feel met, where they can bring their voices and share their stories. I’ve enjoyed seeing the unique weaving of a magical tapestry brought to colour by everyone’s innate wisdom, depth and vulnerability every 6-week sharing group series. I feel tender-hearted remembering moments where presence combined with compassionate witnessing has eased suffering and given space to that which is needing to be seen. I am grateful for spaces like these where connection and healing can happen; and I look forward to more sharing groups.


Facilitating the sharing group with Indra’s Net gave me an insight into how different people around the world experienced the pandemic. I felt privileged to accompany others on their journey and witness them sharing their wins, as well as vulnerabilities. It also helped me improve my facilitation skills and gain confidence as a group facilitator.


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