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**We are currently recruiting participants for 2 pilot study Sharing Groups. The Covid19 Frontline Trauma and Black Lives Matter and the Trauma of Racism. Please use Participants drop down form below.

Please choose from the drop down menu below how you would like to get involved or receive support.

  • Partner of Coalition Members are organizations interested in becoming allied with Indra’s Net.
  • Interested in Becoming a Facilitator for the Sharing Group are those who would like to be considered as a facilitator of the Sharing Groups, no mental heath license is required. (There will be training and vetting.)
  • Participants Interested in Joining a Sharing Group are for those who are looking for support and would like to be considered for participation in the Sharing Groups.
  • Patients Interested in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy are for clients looking for KAP practitioner referrals.
  • Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Provider are for mental health and medical professionals who offer support and therapy and would like to be added to Indra’s Net referral list.
  • Donations are for those interested in donating to Indra’s Net.
  • Media are for those interested in spreading the word about Indra’s Net.

Thank you for your participation and interest!

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