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A Call to Action…..

Therapeutic Support for those suffering from Trauma and its Aftermath

Indra’s Net is a unique response to the crisis gripping our world and to the trauma caused by the Covid-19 plague, racism, poverty, and global climate change.  While the origin of Indra’s Net emanates from the psychedelic assisted psychotherapy culture and ketamine in particular, our overall initiative is to bring our expertise with the treatment of trauma to as many people suffering with the effects of trauma, loss, and bereavement as is possible. We are doing this by building a coalition of organizations who are in unity with our vision and its application. We recognize the need for flexibility and the differences that are cultural, linguistic and organizational.  We are reaching out to leaders and practitioners practicing in different modalities treating trauma to join forces in providing a best practice, global, and scalable set of therapy models and interventions.

The overarching intention of Indra’s Net is to provide support to those suffering with the effects of trauma with these methods:

1) The Sharing Group

2)  Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

3) Training and Support

4) Global Outreach

5) Coalition Building and Resources


We are in an unprecedented arising of the awareness of emotional, spiritual and social trauma.

The directly traumatizing effects of the Covid-19 plague emerge with each passing day of sickness and death.  Poverty, famine in too many places, war, the effects of the global climate disaster such as unbearable heat and drought, these all increase the vast dimensions of worldwide suffering.

Adding to this are the effects of quarantine, social isolation and fear. In the US, our leadership has failed to protect its population and instead has increased the scope of contagion, unconcerned for our well-being and only cultivating its own selfishness.  Many of us have become activists  and with an aroused recognition of racism in its continuous murderousness and oppression have come together to  create a new culture based on justice, equality, and genuine community. 


Depression, anxiety, economic stress, loss, bereavement and uncertainty are increasing rapidly and often exacerbate unresolved trauma and insecurity.  With the plague, crowding, lack of access to the outside and usual pursuits cause a rise in domestic violence, substance abuse and suicide.  We have long had recognition that many of us exist in unhealthy patterns of isolation —too much time on screens, eating unhealthy, not moving our bodies, not being outside in nature, and the overuse of social media instead of real human connection. This has been exacerbated.

We are social animals meant to be hugged and making eye contact to co-regulate and mutually soothe one another. The virus feeds on social distress and injustice and will be with us accordingly. 

Racism and sexism feed on hatred that obscures our human connectedness and creates a delusion that one group is benefitted by the other groups oppression when all groups suffer uncertainty, exploitation, insecurity and are symptomatic in their various ways.

Fundamental human rights include equal access to security, health care, adequate nourishment,  to water and shelter, to the commons and so many more rights that are absent for so many.  Almost all humans thrive when love, safety and sharing are the fundamentals.  Only some humans are truly devoted solely to their own illusion of self as everything.



Our Vision…..

We are acting as a catalytic agent to foster coalition building across disciplines and modalities that are of benefit to spirit, mental and physical well-being.  We seek to promote the sharing of distress, fear, trauma and loss. Our intention is to enable people as far as we can reach to come together for healing, self-expression, and connection. We of the psychedelic psychotherapy world have focused a great deal on the alleviation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and to enable recovery from trauma, along with many other disciplines, Thankfully, our field has grown in its awareness and we have become traumatologists increasingly focused on the causation of trauma from its many sources, with its many results.  

This Initiative is about putting ourselves to work, collaborating and recognizing that traumatizing forces are upon us and application of our skill is an imperative. 

Let us put our expertise with trauma into practice.  

If not now, when? 

Perfect the use of our existing tools for the benefit of those suffering from Covid-19 and its aftermath, from the too many forces causing harm to humans and our environment.

Create The Sharing Groups as an opportunity to relieve distress and develop a culture of love sharing and community 

 Create psychedelic medicine practices that are available now to serve long term. As other tools come into our psychedelic assisted psychotherapy toolboxes, expand our offerings.  Serve our peoples.

 This is a dynamic and creative collaboration. We come from multidisciplinary backgrounds, and share a unified vision to further both psychedelic assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of trauma and for the creation of a vibrant community of practitioners of many disciplines confronting the ravages of suffering caused by trauma.. We recognize the need to expedite trauma support for those suffering as a result of Covid-19, socioeconomic stress and massive cultural change and anxiety, as well provide support to those involved in the movements for social justice.  As we are able, we shall adapt advancing clinical research in psychedelic therapy to complement best practices for trauma support and healing, utilizing the clinical wisdom of our advisors and practitioners. By providing a format for the merging of the best of both therapeutics, we expect to provide more effective and efficient relief for those who are suffering.

Indra’s Net is in formation with Phil Wolfson MD  and Sunny Strasburg, LMFT initiating the program as a project of our non-profit organization, The Ketamine Research Foundation. The Advisory Group consists of support from wise leaders in psychedelic medicine. This group provides oversight, creative input and leadership, as well as contributing to fundraising efforts. The Working Group is gathering some of the best talent and skill in our field. The Working Group implements our projects, launching initially the Sharing Groups, and KAP programs. As we are inclusive of all formats that provide support for traumatized persons and open the doors of healing in their various ways, Indra’s Net will include Holotropic Breathwork  (LINK), somatics, yoga, dance, song, music, and collaboration with those doing this work in their best and conscious ways. This is the coalition concept that we seek to foster..

We are excited to be a collective of the best minds utilizing the best practices in trauma therapy in a dynamically creative and collaborative extended space of cultures and locations as far and wide as we are able to build relationships. 

These extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

The Role of the Ketamine Research Foundation…


  • Initiator and Program Administrator in this First Stage of Coalition Building.
  • Develops Protocols and Standards of Care for Our Work
  • Fosters Interconnection and Dialogue.
  • Acts as a Funding Source for the Program and for the Initiatives of our Coalition Partners.We are creating  protocols, treatment manuals, and offering trainings. Our ambitious and grand vision is a network of worldwide practitioners trained and offering this therapeutic support for those in need– with the view to providing  a standard of care for healing from trauma.
  • We seek to further the application of psychedelic medicine, with KAP as the model around which psychedelic medicine can develop its practice groups in the here and now.  To that end we will pursue training KAP practitioners worldwide. 
  • We are about a global group therapy goal for healing, love, support for bereavement, prevention and treatment of PTSD, and the creation of spaciousness to share with each other as a mobilization  of our potential for caring through activism.



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