Sharing Group

The Sharing Group Initiative

The Sharing Groups Are Adapted to the Healing of Trauma 

Indra’s Net will begin by offering six week support groups for first responders, Covid-19 survivors, health care workers, and social justice activists. We will address the traumas of racism, misogyny, and poverty; As we train our Facilitators and expand our reach, we will be providing Sharing Groups for those suffering from Covid-19 trauma and loss, and the difficulties of confinement and domestic abuse. Any group that is suffering is welcome to consult with us and have Sharing Groups initiated. These will be organized according to common themes and facilitated by two group leaders.

The goal of The Sharing Group is to offer an online, or in-person (location and shelter-in-place taken into consideration.) support space for emotional expression, relief, self exploration, coping strategies through listening and interacting with each other.  These Sharing Groups will be hosted all over the world, and organized according to the needs of the participants. They will be FREE to participants, and the Indra’s Net organization will provide support, oversight, and financial compensation for the facilitators.

Upon intake of group participants, we will perform a telephone intake for participation. These calls will be confidential.

Information on Sharing Group Structure and Format

To sign up to become a potential Sharing Group Facilitator, please fill out the form on the Get Involved link:

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